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From time to time I’ll tell you about classes, products, or other stuff I love. Rest assured that I’ll never ever never ever tell you about something if I don’t really and truly recommend it. Click on the images below to find out more.

My very first Craftsy class is now live – hooray! Click on the image below to enjoy $20 off (which is about a 50% savings!):

Other classes I truly love,  both Craftsy and otherwise:


 Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp: This class was an absolute life changer for me. It changed how I feel about money, how I run my business, and how I teach my kids about money. I feel so much more in control of things now – truly, this is the single best class I’ve ever done.


You Need a Budget: I did the Money Bootcamp and started using YNAB in the same month. A year later and my family is almost debt free. I resisted budgeting for YEARS and then this came along. Easy, inexpensive, totally doable. Note: This link will save you $6.


Here are my favourite classes from Craftsy:
In the Food/Cooking category :

In the Cake and Cookie Category:

Here are my favourites in the Art category, all of which can be applied to cake:

  • Mastering Colour Pallettes – the best thing I ever did was minor in Fine Art in college. My parents thought it was useless, but I now use those skills every time I need to match a colour swatch from a client or decide on what colours to use in a cake.
  • Mixed Media Essentials – although she’s talking about working with fabric, there is tons of cake inspiration here, and she talks about colour, design and texture. This is probably my most favourite of all.
  • Beginning Painting – Hand painting on cakes is becoming more and more trendy, and this class gives you some great tips about the basics of painting. There’s a difference between those with art skills and those without and it’s knowing this basic stuff which is a good start.


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