The Stories You Tell Yourself

The stories you tell yourself are interesting ones, aren’t they?

My prices are too high, so I don’t get any orders.
I live in a rural area, and people here do not value cake.
Nobody is willing to work for me.
All business owners need to work super hard and a bunch of crazy hours.
I love my work so much, I don’t care if I don’t get much of a weekend.
I’m unrealistic about how much money I can make from cake.
Nobody makes a real living out of making cake.
It’s just a hobby.
I have no idea how much money this business is making, hubby deals with it all.
Small business is all about sacrifice.
Most of the emails I get are from tyre kickers.
People only care about price.
I’m not a good enough cake decorator to teach others.
If I don’t offer to deliver on Sunday, I’ll never get any wedding orders.
I need to be open seven days a week.
If I don’t answer those emails right away, I’ll lose orders.
I’ll never be as good as (insert cake god name here).
I don’t care if I ever make any money from this, that’s not what it’s about for me.
I have to keep my prices low, otherwise nobody will order from me.
The cake lady down the road is getting all the orders because she’s so cheap.
It’s too expensive to register my kitchen, and I’ll never get caught.
Sometimes, I feel like a complete fraud. My pictures make my cakes look better than they are.
I’ll never be truly successful.
I’m not good enough to charge proper prices.
I’m doing it just because I really love it, not because I want to earn a living out of it. 

You get the idea, don’t you?

In our heads we write a thousand and one scripts every day, and those scripts dictate how we run our lives and therefore our businesses. We don’t think we’re good enough, so we don’t make the effort to market our businesses enough.  We don’t want to lose any orders, so we answer emails at midnight and say yes to the psycho lady (even when our gut tells us to run like hell.) We are afraid of people rejecting us, so we underquote and WE KNOW IT. We claim that we do what we do just because we love making cakes, yet moan that it’s impossible to make a living from this. Every single day, we tell ourselves whatever story we need to tell, in order to justify our actions or our lack of actions.

Isn’t it time you started writing a different story?

3 comments on “The Stories You Tell Yourself

  1. I have enjoyed reading your blog over the last few months and it’s been helping me to feel more confidant in myself. I always been a hobby baker mainly for family then I took some basic Wilton classes and improved what I knew. I later became a Wilton instructor to teach others the basics. During this whole time though I was losing out by the way I was charging for my time and efforts. I had those same thoughts you wrote about, “I’m not good enough, no one will ever pay what I want to charge, etc.” Then this week I sent out an estimate of what I wanted to be paid for not only what it would cost me to make the cake but for my time and effort as well. I got the order, completed the cake for the happy 13 year old’s birthday in the theme he wanted and was paid not only what I wanted but given a tip on top of it. Thank you so much for helping to turn around my way of thinking.

  2. I’m not good enough to charge proper pricing…. that was mine…. 2015 I will be, even with less orders I am happy to do it now – so far 30% of my diary is already booked out. Happy days!

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