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Hi Michelle,

I’d like to offer some Christmas products to my customers. I’ve never done these before, and I don’t have enough money to make real or dummy ones to take a picture of. If I use pictures from the Internet of cakes that I am sure I can make, but I make it clear that I haven’t done them yet (I can for sure make them though), would it be okay? So far I’ve only posted pictures of cakes that I made. I’m just starting out and I’ve got so much to learn!

Is it okay to do this?



Hi there Noel,

No, I would not use photos of other cakes from the internet – when people see a picture they expect to get exactly that. Plus frankly it will just look bad if you say, “This is a picture of a cake not made by me, but I am sure I can do it.” Your clients want to be able to trust that you can deliver what you said you will (by proving it with a photo of something you actually made yourself).
You can offer things without a picture of a cake though – like a cute picture of Santa or some elves (just to get their attention) and say “I’m now offering christmas products” and give them the information about the price and how to order. Some people will happily order without a picture of it because they know and trust you.  Once you do get an order – do a great job of it and take a picture! That way next time you already have a picture of your Christmas stuff ready to go. 🙂
It’s pretty much never okay to “borrow” cake pictures from anywhere else, not even Google.
Happy Holidays!


3 comments on “Using Other People’s Photos

  1. Yeah, that’s a good way to piss off the cake community. It’s basically stealing, and lying. Your customers are going to think that you made it. You’re not likely to make it exactly the same way anyways, because everyone has their own style.

  2. Thank you for this! It’s such a significant problem and it’s good to see people speaking out about it. Take pride in your own work and only ever share others’ work as a link so they can take pride in their work too.

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