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Our Industry’s Hidden Problem

If I asked you what your hardest business problem is, you’d probably say it’s a lack of time. Some of you might say it’s a lack of money. Others would …


Are Cake Collaborations Worth It?

The Confused in Cakeland series is back! These are the questions I get sent via email which don’t warrant a huge blog post but are worth talking about. Got a …


How To INCREASE Your Prices

You’ve finally figured out that you’re charging too little. That realisation came about because:

You’re feeling really, REALLY resentful or burned out about how hard you work and how little money …


When Is The Right Time To Expand My Business?

You’ve been doing this business for a while. You’ve got a decent amount of enquiries coming in, you’re converting most if not all of those to sales, and you’re feeling …


Interview with Minh Cakes

Interviewing people working in the cake industry is always a pleasure for me, because I love hearing people’s stories and sharing those stories with you. Today I’m especially excited …


How Many Flavours Should I Have?

Most cake decorators I know start their business off by offering lots of options for flavours and fillings. We make custom designs so you would think people want custom flavours too.
I’m …


Your Business, Your Responsibility

Small businesses exist for two reasons. One, to fulfill the needs of the owner, and two, to fulfill the needs of the customer. THAT’S IT. We often conveniently forget this.
So …