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Time Keeps on Ticking

Recently, I taught a webinar all about Time Management, specifically the methods I use to keep my business life and my family life a little more controlled. Since that webinar, I’ve been …


Interview with Candy Ramirez

As much as I love interviewing the “cake gods” of our industry, I also love featuring real readers of the blog and people who are truly making this whole cake …

2013-04-01 16.03.19

Being A Cake Mom

This is not the post where I give you the golden sparkling key to how to achieve work/life balance. I think that concept of trying to be balanced is flawed …


Making Hard Decisions

Thriving Lessons: Choosing Between Fun and Money

This is cake show season, so many of you are busily putting together show pieces and nervously waiting to hear if you got a …


Website Essentials

Your business needs a website. No exceptions.

If you’re going to be even vaguely legitimate, it’s not negotiable. (If you want to know why I think that, read this short article.)
There …

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Is Small Business Worth It?

As a mother, wife, sister, daughter and friend, I made a whole lot of sacrifices for my business. Especially in those early days when I was establishing my business, it …


Interview with Debbie Goard

There is nothing which is not FREAKING AMAZING about Debbie Goard from Debbie Does Cakes. (That  is NOT a Subway sandwich. That’s a CAKE! I die. That lettuce! The pictures …